My obsession with whales

In 2013 I stumbled across this YouTube video that highlighted a “viscous killer whale” attack on a trainer, Dawn Bracheau. My first thought wasn’t sympathy for the trainer it was sympathy for the whale. I mean, if you put any animal in a pool that is obviously too small and constraining for it…its eventually gonna lose its mind a little and lash out and unfortunately in this case it lashed out at a trainer. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a lover of all animals, when I was little I wished I could be eliza from the wild thornberrys just so I could read the minds of animals. What a loser, I know.

When I was around 6 years old I remember going to Napier and visiting this dolphin park. It was hella strange. I remember it oh so faintly but one thing that stuck with me was watching one of my cousins swimming with a dolphin, laughing and flying though the water as this dolphin carried her was “I’m sure if she was in the ocean instead of a pool with this trained and captive Dolphin, I don’t think she would be laughing and enjoying herself this much”.


Going back to 2013 though, everyday after uni I would go back to my dorm room and instead of going over notes for the day, I would watch videos of whales, I would read about them, I would listen to the different sounds they made to communicate  with their pods. I mean I was all in. One thing these majestic whales have in common with us humans is their attachment to their family and they keep this attachment strong and secure through their ability to communicate with each other using methods such as clicks, whistles and pulses. This was so interesting to me and it absolutely broke my heart when I came across a video of a mother whale (captive at SeaWorld Orlando) that was separated from her calf, her baby..and was crying and calling for her on months on end. Only because her baby was “disruptive” and “challenging” when the shows were on, so the higher officials at SeaWorld Orlando agreed to send the baby whale to a different park. So basically, they separated the mother whale from the baby whale just so their shows would run smoothly. I mean what the heck…people are actually paying to watch this shit? In the video it showed the mother whale staying in the corner of the pool, just staying there and shaking and screeching and crying. From that day on, I have always stood against SeaWorld and everything they do in the name of entertainment. Here is the link for that video:

The purpose behind this post is to remind myself to stand up for these animals. I could care less if anybody reads this or not, but to know that what I’m feeling and thinking is being put into words and that I can look back at this and reflect is all that matters. I’m currently lying in bed watching The Cove for the 30th time. If any of you haven’t seen this documentary/film then…A) you’re probably  retarded, B) you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 8 years or C) you’re probably just….f****** retarded. But seriously this documentary highlights everything wrong in the fishing industry, especially in countries like Japan.   A lack of education to the public about what they’re eating (dolphins are apparently high carriers of mercury, and basically if you eat a lot of toxic dolphin meat,chances are you and/or your offspring ain’t gon be so happy when you have to pay for a wheelchair and disability school) and for the fishermen to think that killing dolphins is ‘pest control’ is actually ridiculous.

Last night I stayed up till 2am watching The cove and Blackfish, and one thing I learnt is that these animals deserve much better. I agree, if we were to release the captive animals back into the ocean, the chances of them surviving, re-learning how to hunt and reconnecting with their pods is a big ask and many would not succeed. However, if we stopped going to these money making amusement parks and stopped paying to watch whales dance in pools then slowly but eventually these parks will close down. It really pisses me off when these parks use words like “care” and “conservation” when all they’re really trying to say is “CAPTIVITY” in a less threatening way.



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