Dear teenage me

Dear teenage me, your looks don’t mean anything, you’re going to change one day into the person you’re meant to be. 

Dear teenage me, your mum doesn’t hate you she just wishes you’d listen and not do things that will make you look bad. 

Dear teenage me, jealousy definitely is a green eyed monster in disguise and you need to know that your friends are not your enemies.

Dear teenage me, that boy who you liked and who made fun of how you looked now looks just as bad as the 2011 version of you (not cute).

Dear teenage me, the world isn’t as bad as you think, you’ll learn to live with the good and bad. 

Dear teenage me, maths class isn’t going to be a worry, trust me, uni is a whole new ball game where you don’t even see the ball. 

Dear teenage me, working at your dads dairy seems so draining and I know you feel like you’re wasting your days away saying “thank you $1.50” but you’ll learn so much and you’ll be grateful for the small experiences you encountered and one day you might even miss that little old dairy that you used to be so embarrassed of. 

Dear teenage me, I know you’re sad and tired of living in a small town and I know you’re dreaming of a big city where you know you’ll meet your true love, New York City. Trust me that day will happen. 

Dear teenage me, your college friends won’t be your friends forever, their opinions of you may seem like the most important thing ever but it really shouldn’t  matter what they think because your new friends are waiting to meet you in Auckland (in a biosci 101 lecture 😉 ). 

Dear teenage me, I know you go on msn every night in the hopes your “crush” will message you, trust me, that ain’t no crush, that ain’t even a friend honey boo. 

Dear teenage me, those girls at college that walked around acting like they were the Paris hiltons of 2012, who bullied you, yeah most of them are going to be pasty white drop outs who live off their parents. Don’t let them make you feel like you’re nothing. 

Dear teenage me, you feel like your parents don’t let you leave the house without them and you feel like they baby you, well believe it or not one day you won’t be able to see them everyday, you won’t be able to eat mums home made meals, you won’t be able to hear your dads van drive down the road and you’ll miss them…a lot. 

Dear teenage me, you’re worried about a boy that doesn’t like you back. You feel like you’d rather die than never speak to him again. Well you don’t talk to him and hey, you’re still alive! Look at that! 

Dear teenage me, I know you’re worried about uni, but don’t worry you’re going to be alright, you’ll change majors not once and you’ll learn things the hard way but you will be fine. 

Dear teenage me, I know you go on the treadmill everyday after school to show your family members and the boy who made fun of you that you can change and that your beauty doesn’t just exsist around your waistline. 

Dear teenage me, one day you’re going to fall in love with new things,some that you never even really knew existed, such as marine life (orcas) and environmental issues, real housewives of Beverly Hills (lol) and Tamil songs. (There’s a longer list but I can’t be arsed to write anymore 😉 ) 


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