Annoying people

ugh, don’t you just hate people sometimes, literally so freaking annoying to the point you just wanna pull ya hair out. I feel you honey boo. Below are the types of people who irritate me more than a butt rash.

  • Shitty drivers, slow drivers, drivers in  general.


  • people who post a selfie (knowing they look bomb) and then when someone compliments them they go “aww no I’m not!” or “no you are!” Like stfu we all know you wanted them compliments.


  • People who get a good mark and then complain about how it’s “not good enough” like chill out Charlie Brown..Jesus so ungrateful.


  • Homophobics, good golly, this is something that I really hate. It is a flaw in society, to judge others for their love life, their taste, and their lifestyles. These people need to drink a peach iced tea and reevaluate themselves because they’re assholes


  • People who refer to themselves in third person, these are the type of people you can’t trust, I mean just think about it because I know Seema is.


  • People who can’t have a basic conversation. I’m a talker and I hate it when someone can’t talk to me. See this moving action my mouth is doing, yeah it’s called talking, try it sometime oh and don’t give me that “I’m shy” “I’m an introvert” “I’m not much of a talker tbh” bs.


  • people who smoke or do drugs because they want to “fit in” or “look cool” or are “addicted”…well listen up buddy wink you look ridiculous and you’re probably going to die before your children get married. Let that sink in.


  • People who stare, I mean I’m guilty of doing this (especially if there’s a hot guy around) but for real this is hella annoying. Either go buy a pair of sunglasses so even if you are staring it’s not so obvious or do what Indian uncles & aunties do and just stare until that person feels so uncomfortable to the point they leave or walk away.


  • People who give manicures and pedicures. Not to be racist, because I’m really not but when the ladies speak in their native language, I mean you just know they’re talking shit about your fingers or you  in general.


  • People who text you first and then once you reply they don’t text back until hours later, like what the heck man….get your priorities in check. This also applies to people who don’t reply to group chats (you know who you are). 


  • people who don’t use high def pictures for 



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