Being Single Sucks?

If you’re anything like me, you see a hot guy (with decent shoes) and you’re automatically imagining what your wedding album will be like. Sadly nowadays everybody is practically paired up whereas you cant even pair up your Iphone with your Icloud because that’s way too complicated (P.s someone help me  with that!). While girls in relationships are replying to their boos with “will talk to you later”, the only thing you’re saying later to is your iOS updates.


Verging on 23, im starting to get asked by people in my life if I have ‘someone’ in my life. Right eye slightly a-twitch, my answer is always “nope” . Sometimes I contemplate lying and saying “yep just about to go meet him now” when in reality the only guy im meeting is Nick Viall from the bachelor through my laptop (guys i love that show). 

But being single cant be that bad right? I mean you get to do whatever you want when ever you want, and plus serving sizes on food packages don’t apply because you’re alone. But why is there always this negative stigma around this topic. “She’s probably single because she’s ugly”, or “she’s probably single because she’s boring and weird” like no…maybe she’s single because she bloody wants to be. I feel like nowadays we have so much pressure to find a man and get married before 30, especially  if you’re a Indian girl who’s still single by her mid 30’s…everyone will judge you as if they don’t enough already.