Being brown

In world where people like Donald trump live, I’m glad to be tucked away in small New Zealand..don’t get me wrong we also have our fair share of wackos and racists but in my personal experience not much has happened (touch wood). Growing up in a traditional Indian family I was always told to be quiet and not cause any trouble. If I was in public I wouldn’t draw any attention to myself. I was reading an article the other day about a lady who was walking in a fairly busy mall in America and she was just doing her regular shopping, pretty much minding her own business and this man approached her and shoved her to the ground. What did she do wrong? All this because….she was a Muslim wearing a hijab. It infuriates me so much, I could talk about this all day. I’m not even Muslim and I’m getting mad, I can only imagine how these people feel. Ok, so before I go on and rant about racism I gotta admit I’m a lil racist too, but I’m Indian so it doesn’t count…right? Haha but jokes aside in school when I would hear the words “curry muncher” it really wouldn’t bother me, in fact I’d find it a little funny…like I’m Indian of course Im gonna munch on curry you twat…if I had the courage I have today I would’ve replied to that bully with ” yeah thanks for that you Bunnings sausage muncher”.Growing up in a country where most of my childhood friends were white I always stood out, like a fly in milk. I rememeber one time when being brown played to my advantage, I was at a supermarket, and you know those self serve nuts, dried fruit and lollies  area, well me being me, decided to add them all into the same bag when it clearly said to add different items into different bags. I got to the counter and the lady said “I’m sorry but these are meant to be in different bags because they have different numbers and prices” I replied back (with a strong fake indian accent) “I’m sorry ma’am me not from New Zealand I had no idea”….and I got away with it. Anyway I can’t be arsed to finish this so bye